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Get the multiple Award-winning novel, signed and dedicated by its author J. Rene Munz

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Get the multiple Award-winning novel, signed and dedicated by its author J. Rene Munz

Only the risen dead can save the living!

It was supposed to be just another case for Forensics Detective Lowie Mortem. Nothing could be further from the truth. While investigating a particular case, Mortem is brutally, savagely and inexplicably murdered. However as fate would have it, he’s granted a new lease on life. Risen from the dead, by a mysterious warlock. Not only was he returned to the world of the living spiritually-intact but also bearing a vast array of otherworldly powers. Abilities he uses to re-open cold cases that may or may not, harbor a connection to the one specific case that resulted in his untimely demise. Who’s behind all those mysterious deaths? He must find out.

During his journey, Lowie meets a woman named Angelique Coffin. An immortal whose walked the earth for hundreds of years. Daughter of dark creatures, and high ranking soldier to a religious clandestine crusaders’ order. Through her, Lowie learns that a greater, existential threat looms. One that could condemn the entire world to total damnation! Will they be able to overcome, the diabolical evil that threatens the world as we know it?

This book is dedicated to those who are willing to surrender their last breath to save lives, property and impose order, but especially to all those brave men and women who have given everything to protect us, who have given us the most precious gift anyone can give: They have given us their lives.

Rest in peace.

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